Cosmopunk: A Starfinder Podcast

Cosmopunk 13 - Cold Mercies (Engines of Hatred - FINALE)

October 22, 2020

Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb! With a Vesk Battlecruiser hunting them, the crew must decide the next course of action. Will they risk revealing their new home to the hostile ship? Will the colonists of Laika's Landing** be able to help? As the ship hurtles through the drift with the warhead safely secured within the cargo bay, the device finally unveils its terrible secrets...

**Before the incidents of the previous campaign, Hydrophobia, the Laika-7 crew liberated a colony on planet Narkondis. As an act of gratitude, the colonists renamed the settlement to “Laika's Landing”, saying that the crew could come back and visit any time ... hopefully after the dangerous wildlife had been dealt with ...

Intro/Outro music : Reformat - Vectrex (
Desert of Black Sand : The Dread (Kevin MacLeod)
End Credits music : Astrograms - Vectrex (
Campaign music/Post Credit Scene 1 : Heartbeat (Argsound)

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