Cosmopunk: A Starfinder Podcast

Cosmopunk 50 - The Guards and the Golem (Glitch)

May 5, 2022

Last time, the party finally arrived at Camp Hummingbird with a bit of extra help and speed from a mysterious Jester, Virgil. They discover it to be much more developed than they were expecting. Hordes of roaming undead from the forest are a constant threat and seem to be increasing in numbers by the day. In the midst of this crisis, the party discover that Captain Meyor has gone absent from the camp - on an investigation into the old elven city in the middle of the forest. The party decide to search for the Captain in the morning, but just as they are about to turn in for the night, DAAVE reappears and scalds the party for tampering with the game's inner workings again. He locks the party out of their real-world bodies, promising a sinister end for them all! Now trapped inside their digital avatars, the crew sleeps ... with one eye open ...

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Intro and Outro music :
Reformat - Vectrex (

Glitch Theme music :
[No Copyright Music] - Whisper In The Deep (

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