Cosmopunk: A Starfinder Podcast

Cosmopunk 48 - Out of Body Experience (Glitch)

April 7, 2022

Back inside the adventure game, the party begin their quest to Camp Hummingbird. Along the way, they encounter a mysterious riddling jester. Answering his riddle correctly, he sends the party closer to the forest, cutting time off their journey. Stopping for the night, the party encounter an elven woman trapped under a tree. They free her, but she is quickly snatched away by an amorphous shadow creature. Searching the area, they find scraps of her clothing, as well as a vial of black ooze. The following day, the party quest deeper into the wilds. The following night, the party are visited by the jester again, who answers Kroll's questions about their situation. Then, (for no apparent reason,) Felix decides to drink the vial of black ooze!

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Intro and Outro music :
Reformat - Vectrex (

Glitch Theme music :
[No Copyright Music] - Whisper In The Deep (

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