Cosmopunk: A Starfinder Podcast

Cosmopunk 47 - It’s Probably a Trap (Glitch)

March 24, 2022

After a refreshing night's sleep within the boundaries of reality, the crew return to their digital bodies in the Adventure Game and meet up with Damien. Before setting off on the quest to Camp Hummingbird, Pandora asks Damien about the strange book she scanned within the castle keep and Damien resights the deep lore of the Kingdom of Tradeport. Just after their journey to the camp began, the party encounter a group of traveling salesman dwarves, purchase some healing potions (and other questionable substances!), before beginning the long walk into the wilds...

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Intro and Outro music :
Reformat - Vectrex (

Glitch Theme music :
[No Copyright Music] - Whisper In The Deep (

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